Club Closed 3/1

Please note the club will be closed today (March 3nd) due to the weather conditions.  Apologies for any inconvenience and please keep an eye on our website or social media for updates!

Summer 1-1 Offer

Available Slots:   Thursday 25th: Lloyd:                                                  14:00-15:00    Available       15:00-16:00    Booked                      16:00-17:00    Available    Dan:                                                 14:00-15:00    Available 15:00-16:00    Available  16:00-17:00    Available        Friday 26th: Lloyd:                                                                             15:00-16:00    Booked 16:00-17:00    Booked Dan:                                                                                 15:00-16:00    Booked 16:00-17:00    Available   Week 6: August 29th – September 4th Monday 29th: Lloyd:  15:00-16:00    Available 16:00-17:00    Booked Dan:                                                                                15:00-16:00     … More Summer 1-1 Offer

Senior British League Division 2 & 5 (2nd weekend)

Cardiff City TTC II & III continued their endeavours in British league this past weekend. CCTTC II once again travelled to Wellingborough for Division 2 Midlands whilst CCTTC III journeyed to Derby to continue their campaign in Division 5. Both teams’ line ups were slightly altered from the last weekend of play with Lloyd Gregory … More Senior British League Division 2 & 5 (2nd weekend)

Junior British League

This past weekend saw club players participating in yet another national league competition. After Senior British league and Welsh league in the past few weeks it was now time for Junior British league, hosted in the impressive Derby Arena. The club was to have three teams competing in total, a girls’ team consisting of Anna … More Junior British League

Cardiff City British League Report (26th/27th September)

The weekend of the 26th & 27th of September saw two teams depart from Cardiff City TTC to compete in the British league. Patrick Thomas, Dan O’Connell and Nathan Thomas (to be joined by Cade Short on the Sunday) travelled to Wellingborough, Northampton to represent CCTTC II in ‘Division 2 Midlands’ whilst Danielle De Jong, … More Cardiff City British League Report (26th/27th September)

Half Term Timetable

Starting from Monday the temporary Half Term Timetable will replace the regular timetable for one week before returning back to normal. See the timetable below. There are plenty of sessions still on offer. For any details please do not hesitate to contact us.